We are a bi-regional, innovative Chamber of Commerce committed to detect and assist its members to do business.  We understand, decode, and translate trade opportunities within and between the regions ASEAN and MERCOSUR.


To contribute to the development of full knowledge and integration at all levels between MERCOSUR and ASEAN.

To be a bridge for commercial, cultural and academic integration between MERCOSUR and ASEAN and a key facilitator in the trade relations in and between both regions.


Ethics – Team work
Trust - Respect
Diversity - Professionalism
Confidentiality - Creativity
Knowledge - Integrity


To promote and develop trade and investments through trade missions, trade fairs, and relations with other chambers and organizations.


To create a platform in MERCOSUR and ASEAN to connect individuals, enterprises, private and public organizations with the objective of developing business opportunities within and between the two regions.

To collaborate with the Embassies of all the member states.

To stimulate cultural relations with the objective of deepening the knowledge about the other region.  

To spread awareness of existence of the MERCOSUR ASEAN Chairs as a means to stimulate the academic and commercial know-how of the regions.


To promote tourism and sports. 


To facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes.